Murrow (UN)ites: Chorus performs at the United Nations

By Michela Arlia Music students were given the chance of a lifetime last month to sing in one of the most diverse vicinities in the world. The school’s senior chorus and string orchestra under the direction of Mr. Jaymes Welsh and Mr. Zelman Bokser performed on October 26 for many dignitaries at the United Nations…

Revival of Moot Court

By: Kennedy Tavares Ms. Christine Thompson said that she was really nervous about being the new Moot Court adviser. That’s because she had some big shoes to follow. Ms. Thompson, who is a special education teacher, is replacing former Moot Court adviser Ms. Maya Korobova, a social studies teacher who transferred to James Madison High…

One Man’s Determination to Promote the IDNYC Program

By: Amanda Salazar Last summer Henry E. Nass waited in line in a city government building to sign up for an IDNYC card, a new program he had never heard of before. Now, more than a year later, Mr. Nass is a staunch advocate of the program and the opportunities the card provides. Mr. Nass…

Murrow Bowl Moved to the Spring and Also Inside

By: Carlos Lopez Call it double whammy for seniors. The Murrow Bowl, the event that seniors look forward to at the beginning of the year, will not only be held indoors this year because of construction on Midwood Field but it will also be held in April when PSAT are administered. According to Principal Mr….

A Murrow Guide To Auditioning

By: Britney Duval Let’s be honest, when it comes to auditions for most it can basically be an anxiety attack waiting to happen. You never know what the director wants and thinking too much about it can drive a person mad, but with a little guidance and hope this might make things a little easier….

Students React to the News of a Future Trump Presidency

By: Amanda Salazar Each Murrow student who entered the building the day after the election was greeted by the silence of a school in shock. Just one day after the 2016 Presidential Election, emotions ranged from shock, to uncertainty to even excitement that Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America….

Student Government Disappointed with Both Presidential Candidates

By: Samantha Louis For members of the school’s student government, following the presidential election has proven to be very frustrating. The members said that this is not how candidates should behave. “The two candidates make me very angry every time I look at anything about them,” said Oleksandra Zovdun, president of Student Alliance. Kaliah Owens,…

What Does It Mean To Be An American?

By: Jack Harewood, Annabel Rosario and Lev Katreczko These Murrow students have a unique perspective  on what it means to be an American and their American identity during the Election year.                                                …

Soccer Team is Ready For First Ever Playoff Game

By: Cameron Kemme After the Murrow Magic Girls Varsity soccer team scored an impressive 11-0 victory over Benjamin Banneker Academy last Thursday afternoon, it guaranteed the team a spot in the playoffs and home-field advantage in the first round. Murrow Magic has won all but 1 game played so far this season, and coach Mr….