Legally Blonde Takes the Stage with Success

Photos By: Amanda Beckman

By: Amelia Livingston

It may have taken months of practice, but in the end the students who performed in the December production of Legally Blond the Musical, said it was really worth it.

“Through being in the musical, I learned the saying, ‘If you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life’, is true,” said Kenneth Porras. “It was unique and hilarious, and unlike any other show I’d done before.”

His enthusiasm, as well as others that were on stage, certainly showed as the students performed the show from Dec. 13-15 in the Joseph Anzalone Theatre.

The story depicts the eccentric Elle Woods (senior Natasha Ruscoll), a sorority girl who finds her way into Harvard Law School to win back her ex-boyfriend, Warner Huntington III, (played by Porras), to eventually find success through hard work as a law student.

Throughout the show, Elle and others find themselves working through conflicts relating to self-discovery, relationships, and of course, the challenges of law school.

Photos By: Amanda Beckman

“Students who came to see the show seemed to walk away energized and uplifted,” said Mr. Scott Austin, the show’s director. “I think people got to think a little about life while also enjoying it as entertainment.”

Yarden Abergeo, who played Pilar, said that Legally Blonde was unique from other Murrow productions because it was more current and light-hearted. The musical is based off the popular 2001 film of the same name.

“Murrow doesn’t usually do modern plays like Legally Blonde,” she said. “It was also more playful, fun, and serious at the same time. I hope whoever came had a good time and also understood its message.”

Tess Walsh, who also was in the musical, said the show stands out from past Murrow productions because of its empowering underlying message.

“The show carries such an important and relevant message,” she said. “That girls don’t have to choose to either be a pretty face or a smart person, but that they can be both and so much more.”

Photos By: Amanda Beckman

Junior Victoria Goldiner, who saw the show, said that she enjoyed the comedic aspect of it.

“I decided to go because I like the movie and I thought it would be fun to see with a friend,” she said. “I ended up having a really good time and laughing non-stop. I’ll definitely be going to more Murrow productions after this.”

Mr. Austin also said that the success of Legally Blonde seemed to set a new precedent for Murrow Theater and future productions.

“This was one of the more current shows that we’ve done in a while, and it had a great outcome,” he said. “I hope that we can continue doing new theater in addition to the classic plays that we do here at Murrow.”

For junior Leah Glazer, seeing the musical has been a highlight of her Murrow experience, and she said she thought that it demonstrated the best of what the school has to offer.

“I thought the whole musical was really well executed,” she said. “It contained comedy, romance, drama, and amazing dance numbers that brought the story to life.”

Photos By: Amanda Beckman

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