Murrowites Witness History On Stage: Students Go See Hamilton for Only $10

By:Martin Kiser

A ticket to see a performance of Hamilton usually costs several hundred dollars, but for some lucky Murrowites it didn’t cost them a dime.

Just recently, the school was chosen by the Gilder Lehrman Institute to take part in their “Hamilton Education Program”, which has a nationwide partnership with the hit Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winning Broadway musical.

“I was always interested in the Hamilton play because of all the attention it was getting and the unique approach they took to tell a story,” said Principal and former History teacher Mr. Allen Barge.

Indeed tickets for a show are tough to get as people who are “lucky” enough to win a lottery can spend more than $300 for an orchestra seat. Tickets for orchestra seats on Stub Hub are close to $400.

Through the “Hamilton Education Program”, students were offered a matinee performance for just $10, and the school’s Parents’ Association picked up the tab for the 80 students and teachers going. The program provides NYC schools with Title 1 funding the opportunity to have students see the show and only a few schools were selected.

The catch — students are required to study the founding fathers in their History class and write a short skit or rap relating to their research, which was performed afterwards on the stage of the Richard Rodgers Theatre.

Out of the 17 schools that attended, 12 had their work performed on stage – Murrow students were not one them. Some of the cast, which was there to listen to the students perform, also took the liberty to answer a few questions from the students. The opportunity for students to express themselves on the big stage was met with much appreciation.

“Everyone was so creative and you could see that everyone made the project their own,” said Jillian Hinz, a junior who attended the event. “I’m a theater kid,” she laughed. “So the entire time I had a big, stupid smile on my face.”

While Murrow alum Javier Munoz, who played the lead in Hamilton, is no longer with the show, everyone there still had a great time.

“I truly feel it’s a place where students can not only discover their hidden talents but showcase them,” said Mr. Barge.

And this is definitely true as some students had never been to a Broadway show before. Like Iris Mo, a junior, who discovered the thrill of the show thanks to the program.

“It encouraged me to seek out more Broadway shows,” she said. “It was a really good experience.”


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