The AIDS Memorial Quilt Returns to Murrow

By: Amara Beth Cordero

Murrow presented its annual AIDS’ Memorial Quilt on Dec. 5th-6th and students gathered in Gym 1C to hear individuals speak about AIDS and HIV.

Ninth-and-tenth grade students attended the AIDS’ Quilt Memorial either during their Health class or OPTA, and learned about the AIDS virus as well as personal accounts and experiences from students and teachers.

The program was coordinated by the school’s HEART Club and is the 25th year that the AIDS’ Quilt has been at the school.

HEART Club Advisor Ms. Lisa Berke said the Quilt means a lot to her because her uncle Joseph used to come and present to the students before he died from the disease.

“I went to Murrow and when I was a freshman here,” Ms. Berke said. “I got a pamphlet for the HEART Club. Something that I wanted to share was that my uncle was HIV positive. All of the people sitting there were really interested in making people aware. But then I asked if my uncle could come so he could speak. When my uncle first walked in, he looked at the quilts and he just started to cry.”

According to the Names Project website, close to 40 countries have created projects like the AIDS’ Quilt.

Towards the end of the memorial, students played a competitive yet friendly game where they learned how common AIDS is, what the acronym stands for and experts discussed how to prevent getting disease.

“I found it very informative,” said freshman Mariam Ahmed. “It makes all of us aware of AIDS.”

Speakers who participated in the event, encouraged students to practice safe sex and to never be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions and ask for help.

“I learned that AIDS is a very serious disease that you can get,” said another freshman, Mei Ling Dekorne. “Everyone should be mindful and know the consequences of what happens.”


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