Rain Doesn’t Dampen Annual Food Fair

By: Regan Hockenberry

Murrow held its annual Food Fair on May 26th, only this year because of rain it was held in the 285 suite instead of outside in the courtyard.

Food Fair is a day-long celebration where the various clubs within Murrow, sell delicious treats and come up with creative ways to raise funds.

Sophomore Chelsea Garcia, said the fact that it was held inside didn’t change the level of enthusiasm.

“Even though it’s indoors, it’s still such an exciting environment,” Garcia said. “It’s really loud, but I like it.”

Sophomore Carolina Brito also said the fair was fun and lively despite the change of venue.

“There were lots of people,” said Brito. “You could tell everyone was really having fun. I actually think people were having more fun than they would if it was held outside because it was more like party.”

This year, Food Fair featured a joint Eco Club and Council for Unity table, where you could win a free recycling T-shirt if you answered two questions about how to respectfully treat someone with a disability.

Cyrus Smith, a member of the newly organized Eco Club, said his team was focused on establishing their presence in the school.

“Our goal is to get people to not brush aside the issue of climate change,” said Smith. “But not as many students visited our table as we’d hoped. Kids come to food fair to eat, so naturally they chose the food tables over ours.”

Of course the best part of food fair is the food.

There were tables covered in doughnuts, brownies, casseroles, fried chicken platters, mac and cheese, sushi, cupcakes, beef patties, fried oreos, and more.

Music was blasting all day long and there were performances by the Step Team and students taking Latin dance.


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