Chess Team Brings Home 2nd Place in Super Nationals

Courtesy of Mr. Eliot Weiss

By: Anano Kapanadze

Murrow’s Chess Team brought home yet another trophy, the second place title at this year’s Super Nationals.

In total, 5,577 players competed in the three national events which are held together at the same site at the same time every four years. The tournament was held May 12-15 in Nashville, Tenn.

The Super Nationals are like the World Cup of scholastic chess because it is held every four years. Students throughout the country of all grades are united in the same tournament.

For sophomore Taylor Zhao, the Super Nationals was not much different than any other tournament.

“Every tournament is the same,” he said. “You try your best to win.”

Freshman Li Heng Wang said it was nice competing in the Super Nationals.

“This tournament is K-12 so it is more special than regular nationals,” he said. “And, it of course, only happens one in every four years but honestly it doesn’t matter, I’m there to win and that’s what I’m going to do.”

The team had been preparing for the nationals the whole year by attending weekly tournaments and going over their strategy with the coach Mr. Eliot Weiss.

Alex Li said all the skills he learned, whether from books he read or games he watched, needed to be applied at the games he plays.

“I watched many games of grandmasters, many of them,” said junior Alex Li. “Then I tried to learn new openings and tricks in my openings.”

The team had a rigorous schedule once arriving to Nashville.

On their first day, Mr. Weiss took the team on a tour around Nashville. On the same day some of the team members took part in a blitz tournament, which is a brand of chess under the pressure of 5 minutes to outmaneuver their opponent. Murrow’s two teams took first and second place.

For the actual tournament, players competed in a total of seven matches – two on the first day of the tournament, three the next and two games on the last day.

Though this was a hard week for the team, having some games lasting up to four hours, they didn’t forget to have fun.

“I enjoyed spending time with the team whether it was going over our games together or playing air hockey at Dave & Busters,” said Wang.


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