Artist of the Month: A Student With Theater in His Blood

Courtesy of Bailey Wilkinson

By: Britney Duval

With both parents in the theater industry, it’s no surprise Bailey Wilkinson has theater in his blood.

“My parents met at the Heights Players Theater Company, that’s where they fell in love,” Wilkinson said. “My father was playing (Joseph) Wykowski from Biloxi Blues and my mother was playing Nora from Brighton Beach Memories. If it hadn’t been for Neil Simon my parents would have never met.”

Indeed, if wasn’t for the American playwright, the senior would not be around and also become a good actor.

Ever since an early age, Wilkinson has been involved in the theater. Since middle school, he’s been in 20 shows and even gone out for a commercial audition. He also received the Joseph Anzalone Award at Murrow’s annual senior Award night.

“I started getting into acting when I was in middle school,” he said. “I had been to Broadway shows prior to middle school, thanks to my parents. I’ve also seen my sister perform in her middle school productions at Mark Twain (JHS),” he said.

Wilkinson’s family involvement with theater doesn’t just stop there. Both his parents are involved with Murrow’s Players’ Circle of Friends, a parent- run group that helps support the theater program at the school.

“My mother is president and encourages people to support the arts and advocates for the shows Murrow does,” Wilkinson said

Not only does Wilkinsons’ family help support the program but they’re also Bailey’s biggest supporters along with his greatest impact.

“My parents have been so supportive of all of the productions that I have been in and they still continue to support me, and I’ve been exposed to so much theater through them; whether that be seeing a show or learning stage combat at five.”

Bailey’s family isn’t the only one that has seen his talent blossom, theater teacher Ms.  Roberta Raymond has witnessed it first hand in her class.

“Bailey grown as someone one who’s able to take directions, he’s open to creativity,” said Ms. Raymond.

Ms. Raymond been working with Bailey for four years, she first met him in her stage movement class during his freshman year.

“Bailey came in very open minded with a free spirt,” she said. “His greatest skill has always been he’s not afraid to try new things.”

Speaking of new things, Wilkinson is onto the next challenge hoping to take new theater classes to further his skill.

“I was taking classes at the Summer Arts Institute but I hope to take a stage combat soon in the future,” Bailey said.


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