What is the Importance of Freedom in Today’s World?

Nora Carrier

In a time of changing political ideals and social structures, freedom is important to many. These Murrow students spoke out about their personal definitions of the word freedom, who has freedom and how it can be earned, and what people can do with their freedom.


Joseph Hardy, Freshman


“Freedom is a chance to be yourself and do what you feel like. If you don’t have freedom, you don’t have time to be yourself.”


Yana Markosyan, Sophomore


“Freedom is having rights and liberty, and not having those violated… Once you come to the U.S., you are entitled to freedom unless you break our laws, then you need to work to get back your freedom.”

Giovanni Lopez, Junior


“Freedom means you can do whatever you want… express yourself and what not. [Americans] have a lot more freedom than other people. If you’re not from this country, you come here for our freedom.”



Maddy Cahill, Junior


“Freedom is the liberation to do whatever you please. [Violations of freedom] still exist but we are moving towards equality, hopefully.”


Rashida Bubb, Senior


“Being an American, we take advantage of [freedom]. Some people don’t even have the right to live in their own homes peacefully and they’re forced to leave their homes because of war and that’s not right.”

Maven Nzeutem, Junior


“Americans, in the 21st century, take a lot of our freedom for granted. Just the fact that abortions were illegal [in the U.S.] only 60 years ago is hard to believe. If you go to some other countries, you can’t even learn, or live, if you’re a girl. So, I appreciate the freedoms we get to experience.”

 Wyeth Kong, Freshman


“A lot of people, like immigrants, have to work hard to earn their freedom. They work hard, they stand out. But people who are given f     reedom get to do whatever they please.”

Sylvia Bird, Sophomore


“Some groups of people, straight-white-cis-men mostly, have more freedom than others and they don’t really know it. They should use this freedom and privilege to help others gain rights.”

Roman Nakhamiyayev, Senior


“I plan to leave Brooklyn and find my calling and come back to help the community. You have to use your freedom to help your community.”







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