Upcoming Graduates Reflect on their Time in Murrow

By: Lauren Pascocello

The flowers are out, the birds are singing, and as we get closer to the end of the school year, some seniors are thinking about saying goodbye to Edward R Murrow High School. Murrowites reflected on the best and worst moments they had over the past four years.

Adam Cotton, 17image3

“Oh, doing Into the Woods was my best moment in Murrow. Performing in front of my friends and family and what not. More specifically the Wednesday show when all the students come. My friends came and all screamed my name, it was fantastic.”

“My worst [moment] was when my friend kicked me really hard freshman year on the staircase and it really hurt. It was crowded too and people looked.”

Nadja McKenzie, 17image4

“[My best moment was] when Alicia Keys came to school. I’m in the gospel chorus and we got to sing with her, and I got her earrings. She gave it to me on stage.”

“The lockdown sophomore year was my worst. I was inside A-18 in the music hall and it was so noisy. I was with some (students from) chorus and they were loud as ever.”

Maitay Cattouse, 17image2

“My best moment was the Music Tech concert we had recently, that was really fun. I was one of my friend’s background dancers. It wasn’t a lot of people but it was fun because everyone was ‘vibing’. The guy DJ Fly that came was cool too. It was a good experience and it was good for people who were trying to get their music out there.”

“One of my worst moments in Murrow was when the gospel chorus went on a trip to Temple University and we didn’t have anything to do but they still woke us up at 7a.m. Then they took us to a recital and got mad when we fell asleep. That was a dub.”

Dilara Unyuruten, 17


“My best moment in high school was junior year when my teacher was absent for a whole month and we did basically nothing.”

“My worst moment in high school was sophomore year when I left school early because I wasn’t feeling good and I almost passed out, but I ended up being brought back by truancy only to be stuck in school for 3 hours watching dolphin videos because there was a lockdown.”

Malaika Mumeka, 17


“My worst moment was all of sophomore year, like seriously I was failing four classes. My mental health was not good at all and I had really (bad) friends. I had pretty much no friends actually.”

“Junior year into my senior year became my best moment because I realized I am capable of creating my own reality and having a group of friends who love and support me. That I am capable of self-love and giving love back to other people. And that I’m also capable of getting an education. That’s the greatest moment I had because I stopped making excuses and got the help I needed, and asking for help is the hardest thing to do and I did it.”

Justin Puntorno, 18


“My best moment in high school was probably meeting with my marine recruiter in Murrow. That was during my junior year.”


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