Seniors Enjoy Their Last Trip at Murrow

By: Dorothy Marcellus and Shelbie Ulysse

The annual senior trip was a fun time, spent with friends experiencing new things and enjoying the weekend.

But there was one thing missing — no phone service.

In an age when teens can’t seem to live without their phones, this was a weekend – March 10th – 12th at Villa Roma Resorts in Callicoon, NY — where students weren’t able to stay connected.

While some said it was difficult not having Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook for the weekend, others said they enjoyed it.

“It was cool not being connected to the world for a minute, it gave me time to think about real life stuff,” said senior Kamara Moore. “[I] didn’t really mind it, because I was having fun with my friends instead of being on the phone 24/7.”

Senior Paris Souffrant said it gave her a chance to get closer to people she didn’t normally talk to.

“I enjoyed how everybody, although, in different clubs and communities, got together and had a good time even though there are various cliques,” she said.

Student Sydni Polack said that without a phone, she spent a lot of quality time with friends.

“Getting to spend more time with people that I usually don’t get to normally and my friendships strengthened while on the trip because they got to see who I really am,” Polack said.

Nevertheless, Jordan Lee said he wished he had service.

“It was hard to meet up with people without our phones because you didn’t really remember what room they were in, so it was hard,” said Lee.

Cedeance Hyde said she just loved being away from the city.

“Upstate was a different experience for me — it was a different environment,” she said.

Some of activities seniors participated in were volleyball, basketball, rock climbing, horseback riding, laser tag, and a pool party.

“I like that we did different things,” said Zaria Bayley. “It wasn’t just us basically sitting in our rooms the whole time. We did volleyball, basketball, and I would do paint balling again.”


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