More Seniors Able to Afford Graduation Photos

By: Leo Kong

At Edward R. Murrow High School, the school’s Yearbook staff has switched from LifeTouch Studios to Yearbook Innovations as their new provider as of March 2017.

According to Mr. John Faciano, Yearbook Advisor, by switching to Yearbook Innovations more students will be able to purchase their senior graduation photos.

“They do our video yearbooks and we’ve known them for the last ten years,” he said. “They help film and edit the video yearbook.”

Mr. Faciano said that Yearbook Innovations have comparable quality of photos, but at a much more affordable price of $89.99, and that they custom design a portrait package for Murrow students.

The previous yearbook company, LifeTouch studios was too expensive, he said. Packages started at $200 and only about 200 seniors were able to afford.

“Yearbook Innovations gave a presentation about their product and we were impressed by their product quality and customer service but ultimately it came down to affordability,” said Mr. Faciano. “The Special Murrow Package that Yearbook Innovation offers will allow most Murrow seniors to afford high school graduation photos.”

Senior Krystian Masiewicz, who ordered a copy of the yearbook, said he thinks the senior dues are always a little expensive but he is glad the price is decreasing.

“I think senior dues are always a bit overpriced,” Masiewicz said. “I guess it’s better for each year as a way to make it the price lower so more people can get it because of many of my friends couldn’t get it because of the price points so I think it’s good that it’s going down.”

However, Francesca Manligoy said no matter the cost of the yearbook she’s willing to pay for it.

“In terms of like if it’s affordable like I feel they should lower it, but it’s not something I’m too fragile to pay for because it’s like you know my yearbook,” she said.



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