Seniors Win Annual Senior-Faculty Basketball Game

By: Zachary Hockenberry and Javian Rhule


If at first you don’t succeed, you should try, try again.

That’s what the seniors did. It took three overtimes for the seniors to finally put away a much older teacher team in the annual Student-Faculty basketball game on March 3. The final score was 72-69.

Coming into the game, the seniors were a heavy favorite to win because of their athletic ability. They certainly showed it throughout the game as they scored most of their points on fast-break buckets. But the teachers hung around with a lot of gutty play.

Senior Jordan Lee led the seniors with 21 points, 29 percent of the seniors final score. Five of those shots were three pointers.

“I was clutch. I dropped so many three pointers that game, I did it for my girl,” said Lee.

Senior Travis Girard scored 17 points, 23 percent of the seniors final score. “I feel I did well in the game. Coach gave me a lot of playing time,” said Girard.

Jordane Hunt said he felt good about his contribution on defense.

“I had the teachers on lockdown,” Hunt said.

However, who the students failed to lockdown was custodian Mr. Joseph Rocco, who scored 39 points, scoring 57 percent of their final score. When asked to be interviewed, Mr. Rocco said, “I don’t do interviews,” and walked off.

Other faculty members didn’t score nearly as much as Mr. Rocco, however they all had their moments during the game.

Gym teacher, Mr. Larry Blatt seemed to enjoy playing in the game and was amazed by the outcome of it.

“I thought it was a great game,” he said. “I mean, it went into triple overtime.”

Science teacher, Mr. Ricardo Lopez said he felt that the faculty played well together.
“We played well as a team, but we could’ve practiced more,” he said.


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