Ping Pong Champions

By: Cameron Kemme


What do the Murrow girl’s table tennis, Chicago Cubs, New England Patriots and Cleveland Cavaliers all have in common?

They are all champions in their respective sport this year.

That’s because the girl’s table tennis finished their powerful undefeated season (16-0) with a PSAL championship victory over Millennium High School at Stuyvesant HS on Feb. 16th, giving the school their first PSAL title. But it was not easy.

The Magic had to come back against a tough Millennium squad (15-1). It was a back and forth battle, with Murrow taking the 2nd and 4th matchup with Ashley Rohitt winning the second match (11-4,11-5,11-8). In the fourth matchup, Sophomore Jiaming He and Senior Regina Avrutts achieved victory in the doubles match (11-7,11-7, 11-6) with a shutout.

Junior Flora Lennihan clinched victory with the final single match win, ending the game with a score line of 3-1. (11-6, 11-6, 10-12, 11-3)

Ms. Pagan showed pride when asked about the victory..

We actually played the best player in the nation [in the championship against Millennium High School.] We lost to her, but we won in a team effort.” said Ms. Pagan

However, Ms. Pagan alluded to a bittersweet end that comes with her teams championship win.

In spite of that, the final match between Lennihan and Sarah Segal of Millennium was hard fought. The first two sets went to Lennihan 11-6, 11-6. However, she took the loss in the third match 12-10. She closed out the fourth match dominating 11-3.

“It was a bit frustrating because I felt that it’d be a great victory to win 3 games in a row, but I just kept my head up and my teammates were very supportive as well as my coach and they just reminded me that I’ll be able to do it,” said Lennihan.

Lennihan said she is happy to be a part of the team, which won the championship in just its second year in existence.

“It’s [an] amazing feeling,” she said. “I’m very proud to be a part of this great achievement for Murrow High School. It’s a great feeling to be able to bring home the first trophy for Murrow ever [in Table Tennis].”

Despite that stress, Lennihan definitely would play in for the Magic again, and even considers taking it up in college.

“It would be very fun to add some new players to the team and teach them well so that they can carry the legacy after I graduate,” she said. “I’ve even been looking into some colleges that have a table tennis team.”

As for the boy’s table tennis team, they also made the PSAL playoffs but lost in second-round of the PSAL playoffs to Brooklyn Tech (3-1). The team’s final record was 9-3 and Coach Mr. Robert Obdyke said he was happy with their effort. But he was especially happy with the girl’s performance.

“Both of our teams played decisively, our team is geared up [for next season],” said Mr. Obdyke. “However the girl’s performance was extreme!”


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