Tri-M Honor Society Makes a Comeback

Jacqueline Santos

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Faculty members of the school’s music department once had a thriving Tri-M Music Honor Society program, and they want to continue that tradition.

With membership dwindling and the program eventually dying out a few years back, the music teachers six years ago decided to bring it back. It’s only now where they are starting to see an increase in membership.

With 30 active members in the program, Tri-M has already raised more than $400 through bake sales and Play-A-Thons.

“Present leadership is quite engaged and has a lot of people from all parts of the music department involved,” said music teacher Mr. Don Christensen. “I think there’s some potential for further growth. People see what’s being done here and they find it useful and relevant.”

Tri-M Music Honor Society is open to all sophomore, junior, and senior music students at Murrow with good academic standing, and meets the first and third Wednesday of each month.

Tri-M’s main fundraising activities are Play-A-Thons, in which members perform in the lobby as students are swiping in.

Senior and Tri-M secretary Julianna Bono said Tri-M is a great way to gain a sense of responsibility in high school.

“It’s totally student run,” said Bono. “All of the events are basically thought of by students.”

The group has also performed in nursing homes and are now planning to perform at pre-schools to teach kids about music.

Tri-M is the only National Honor Society program for musicians in grades 6-12. The program is connected to The National Association for Music Education (NafME), whose main goal is to create future leaders in music education and music advocacy.

Tri-M President Hayley Greco said that she recommends Tri-M for those who love music and helping others.

“You should always try to be a leader,” said Greco. “Just always keep music in your life.”


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