Students Participate in the Egg Drop

By: Amanda Salazar

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Throwing things out a school window is definitely against the rules.

Unless you’re in Ms. Meriam Sahin’s physics and engineering classes, that is.

That’s because these classes were assigned to design a contraption that would protect an egg as it dropped from a fourth floor classroom window. The goal was for the egg to reach the ground without cracking.

The Egg Drop, as this event was called, was designed to help students better understand what they learn in their science and engineering classes.

“Events such as the Egg Drop allows students to make connections with what they have learned in class to real world situations,” said Ms. Sahin. “Usually in class, concepts are taught and students learn them, however they don’t see how the concepts are connected to their lives and the ideas are abstract. An event such as the Egg Drop allows students to see the connections.”

While the Egg Drop was certainly an educational event, the students involved said that the event was just as enjoyable as any other.

“The most fun part of the Egg Drop was right after we dropped it,” said senior Kelly Young. “We had to run all the way from the fourth floor to the first floor to check and see whether our egg survived. The excitement right after we completed the project and got to see our design in action was definitely the best.”

For junior Taylor Bluestine, she said that the best part of her Egg Drop experience was watching her group’s egg as it fell from the window.

“Dropping it out the window,” Bluestine said. “You see it go down. Maybe it hits someone, maybe it doesn’t, that suspense is the best part of the Egg Drop.”

As far as the preparations for the Egg Drop, the students involved said they had fun creating their contraptions and testing them.

“Creating the actual contraption went pretty well for me, because I had plenty of time to do it in the pre-engineering class,” said Olivia Brandwein, a junior. “The drop itself didn’t go exactly as planned – it hit the side of the building a bunch – but the egg still survived.”

The Egg Drop is not an annual event at Murrow, but Ms. Sahin said that she believes that the Egg Drop and events like it should continue to be held at the school.

“To me it is very important for Murrow to continue to hold educational events such as the Egg drop,” she said. “Events such as these when I was a student at Murrow has helped shaped my career. It brings meaning to what is being taught in class in a creative way and creates interest in the field. It helps students think outside of the box and engineer awesome designs. There were 62 projects and every single one of them was unique in design and structure.”


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