Large Turnout for the Club Fair

By: Dorothy Marcellus and Shelbie Ulysse


The annual Murrow Club Fair, which took place in the main lobby by the first floor gym on February 8th, was a success.

With about 500 student attendees and 24 clubs giving out their information, the Club Fair was a packed with knowing and unknowing Murrowites to gain information.

Surprisingly, many of them were not aware of the number of clubs the school had and were happy to know that there were so many innovative and diverse clubs.

Sophomore Donnai Peters said she came away quite impressed.

“I thought there were only five or six clubs,” she said. “But there’s more.”

Sophomore Chelsea Georges thought the fair was important because most of the clubs really don’t get a lot of recognition.

“I liked how open and interactive the clubs were when I would ask questions,” Georges said. “And they answered and discussed how I could benefit about being in the club.”

Alissa Christofey, a junior, said she came away excited after the event.

“I liked all the different clubs and what they contribute to the school,” she said.

Kayla Richardson, a member of the Unity Step Team, said it is important to have a Club Fair because it definitely gets the word out. She said she enjoyed getting to talk to people and have students sign up.

“I was surprised to see there was a natural hair club,” said Richardson, referring to the Curly by Nature club. “I did not expect anyone to make such a club but it is nice because I have natural hair and so does many other people in this school.”

Ariuana Francois, a senior, said the fair gives everyone an opportunity to find their place.

“There are a lot of clubs that provide an opportunity to find their place in the school and feel comfortable,” she said. “I go to meet and speak to people I normally don’t encounter.”


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