Fourth Year on the VolleyBall Team: Dillon Kosek

By: Amanda Salazar

When it comes to volleyball, senior Dillon Kosek is an original.

That’s because he’s the only original player left on the boys’ volleyball team since it was formed and joined the PSAL four years ago.

Now, Kosek, who is a middle blocker on the school’s volleyball team, said that he is proud of being an original member.

“It makes me feel accomplished because I lasted four years in the volleyball program,” Kosek said. “All my hard work and practice had paid off, and I like helping other people that are on the team that are struggling in some areas.”

The senior, who is a music student, said he hadn’t expected to stay on the volleyball team throughout his entire high school career.

“When I tried out, I was doing it just to try out,” said Kosek. “I didn’t even know if I was going to make the team.”

Kosek said he joined the team four years ago because he loved playing volleyball.

“I always had a passion for the sport and always dreamed of being on a high school team ever since I was little,” Kosek said. “Coming to Murrow and realizing that I can be talented and athletic really made me happy.”

“Everyone else was much older than me,” he said. “I was very nervous. When I made the team my freshman year, I decided to stay because I love the sport and I loved the team and the energy.”

Teammate, Sam Huang, said he believes that because he’s been on the team for so long that it has made Kosek a better player.

“I’m pretty sure that he has more experience on the court than any others in the team,” Huang said. “He was a middle blocker last year and he’s amazing on serving and blocking.”

Kosek’s coach, Ms. Christina Pagan, said that Kosek is a great team player and works well with his teammates.

“He has always shown to be been one to work well with others and always displays good sportsmanship,” Ms. Pagan said. “I believe Dillon has learned responsibility, good sportsmanship and leadership from being on the volleyball team. I feel that he will take these skills and be able to use them for the rest of his life.”

However, while Kosek is a dedicated player, volleyball is not the only activity he participates in.

He also works on the SING! productions, leading the groups as the “Singavator” for the past two years.

“I’ve been in SING!, which is an amazing experience and I really wish everyone would join,” Kosek said. “I have made so many new friends and it’s such an amazing experience. You meet many people with so much talent. It’s really incredible.”

Kosek, who plans to try out for Brooklyn College’s volleyball team, said that he is somewhat sad to leave the school behind.

“It’s very sad because I loved Murrow so much, but I’m ready to leave and explore what college is like,” he said.


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