Turning the Tables in the Cafeteria

By: Victoria Caesar


When Murrowites came into school after mid-winter recess, they were in awe of their newly renovated cafeteria.

“The cafeteria project was in the works for a little over three years,” said Principal Mr. Allen Barge. “It was very hard, but we wanted to keep it a secret to surprise the students.”

Mr. Barge said he wanted to make the cafeteria a wonderful space for people to stay in, but also something that reflected Murrow.

That’s why it has a timeline of Murrow history, representation of the different institutes, and quotes from journalist Edward R. Murrow, activist Martin Luther King Jr., and President John F. Kennedy.

“We got an opportunity to become the first school to participate in this cafeteria enhancement project,” said Mr. Barge. “It was an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up. There were many generous donations made by SchoolFood, Palmer Hamilton, and Goldman Sachs.”

The renovations cost around $400,000 and the school didn’t have to pay a thing.

Some students said that they are going to the cafeteria for the first time since they’ve started at the school, now that it has been re-done.

“I never used to go to the cafeteria,” said junior Anna Moore. “Since the renovations, I’ve been going more and more.”

The new designs were welcomed by the students, like junior Kanadia Lucien, who said she was very happy for the surprise.

“I hated going to the cafeteria before,” said Lucien. “Now I go all the time, and I actually like going. It’s so pretty and the setup is very nice.”

Another student who loves the designs now is senior Tasmiyah Rahman. As someone who hated going to the cafeteria before, she said loves going now.

“I like the decorations a lot better,” said the senior. “It’s very ‘Murrow’. With the quotes and the color scheme, it all screams Murrow.”

It was also a big change for some of the workers in the cafeteria, from the people who check programs to the chefs who make the food.

“It took a lot to get used to but I like it now,” said lunchroom worker Patricia Conover. “The kids enjoy it because they have more of a choice. It’s more colorful and they can choose what they want, whether it’s for breakfast or lunch.

One of the teachers, Ms. Izabella Pinkovskaya, said that while she loves the designs, it’s very different than before and she wasn’t really expecting the changes.

            “I love the renovations,” said Pinkovskaya. “The cafeteria looks beautiful, however, the first day that everyone came in, everyone was shocked and thought they were in the wrong place.”



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