The Longest Working Teacher at Murrow

By: Edeli Cuate


If you do the math, it all adds up to the fact that Mr. Eliot Weiss has been teaching for a long time.

Mr. Weiss, a math teacher, started his teaching career 42 years ago, but 36 of those years have been at Edward R. Murrow High School, which makes him the longest tenured teacher in the entire school.

When Mr. Weiss started teaching in 1981, Ronald Regan was President, Iran released the 52 American hostages, and there was certainly no Smartphones.

“It is satisfying to perfect the skill of teaching after having so many years of experience and it also makes me feel old,” said Mr. Weiss, who is 63 years old.

Mr. Weiss said the school has definitely changed since he started. There are more students, fewer course electives and he said the math curriculum has changed quite often.

Nevertheless, Mr. Weiss said he enjoys coming to work every day and teaching the students.

“I enjoy the students and find teaching fun and interesting,” he said. “Every day is different. There are distinct lessons, with different responses from students, and the reaction from the students is often not the same from year to year.”

Although Mr. Weiss said he has the option to retire, he does not plan to do so anytime soon because he enjoys what he is doing.

“I do not want to retire because I still enjoy teaching and they actually pay me to teach,” said Mr. Weiss.-

And he does teach very well.

In addition to being a very successful teacher, what he is also noted for is being the faculty adviser of the enormously successful chess team.

Since starting the club in 1981, his teams have won eight National High School Chess Championships, 19 New York State Championships and 20 New York City Championships.

The team has been so popular that The Kings of New York, a best-selling book was written about the squad. They have also visited the White House to visit President George W. Bush, and have met numerous senators, governors and mayors over the years.

“Mr. Weiss spends countless hours on the chess team to be the best in the country,” said Principal Mr. Allen Barge. “Students are helped to meet their greatest potential with chess.”

   Student Aaliyah Bascombe said she loves having Mr. Weiss as a teacher because his lessons are so captivating.

“Mr.Weiss’s teaching is very unique. He uses PowerPoint just like other teachers but they are engaging with his use of funny pictures. His room is filled with many of his accomplishments which is very motivating,” she said.


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