Some Students Get Good Deal on AP Exam

By: Victoria Caesar

When it comes to taking the AP tests, it can be quite pricey.

But for some students, the tests became a pretty good bargain.

For a test that costs $93 per exam, some students are able to pay $15 – an 84 percent discount for each test. However, in order to receive the sizeable discount students must qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Junior Edwin Garcia, who is taking the AP Biology, said he thought it was a great deal.

“When I realized how little they make us pay,” said Garcia. “I don’t understand why the price dropped so much and why they tried to make us pay so much in the first place.”

The reason the cost of the test dropped is because of a Title IV Part A Block Grant, a federally-funded program that lowers the price for low-income students.

Originally the price cut was $62 but in February they discounted the price even further.
Junior Anastasia Mourzakhanova said the bigger discount is going to help her family when

paying for both the AP BC Calculus and AP U.S History exams.

“I was really worried about paying for the tests,” Mourzakhanova said. “Even though I get reduced lunch, I still had to pay $124 which is a lot to get on such short notice. I was really happy and relieved when I found out that the prices dropped to $15 (a test).”
However, some were not so happy about a discount for some. Daniela Livchits, a junior who doesn’t qualify for free lunch, said she has to pay full price for her test.

“There are three people in my family, and even though I don’t get free lunch, it’s only because my family makes just a little over the limit,” she said. “We have other things to pay for —  $93 is a lot of money especially when I have two tests.”

Yet Arianna Reyes, a junior, said she is fine about paying full price for her two tests: AP Language and Composition and AP U.S. History.

“Put in perspective,” said Reyes. “Ninety-three dollars per test isn’t that bad when you think of how much you would have to pay when you get to college. That’s how I reassure myself about the prices.”


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