School Blocks Attempted Walkout

By: Regan Hockenberry and Zachary Hockenberry

When school administration caught wind of a possible student walk-out on the day of President Trump’s inauguration, it was immediately put to a stop.

Members of the school’s Activist Club were brought down to the Dean’s office because they were suspected of organizing the event.

“It wasn’t us,” said Anna Moore, a club member.  “They just thought it was. They called us to the Dean’s office and asked us if we knew anything about it and I told them we didn’t.”

Flyers and sticky notes were posted in various student bathrooms as the walk-out was scheduled to take place on January 20th at noon. But once word got out, the Dean’s office announced that if students walked out peacefully, there wouldn’t be any punishment. If anyone participating in the walk-out caused a disturbance in the school, then there may be consequences.

“Ms. Giberga asked us if we had anything to do with the walkout and then told us that if we did walk out, it could go on our record and qualify as a third-degree offense,” Moore said. “But I guess no one really had faith in it because it was kind of a fail.”

Ms. Susana Giberga, the Assistant Principal of Safety, said the school doesn’t take sides when it comes to who wins the election, but is interested in student safety. She said the school is responsible for every student during the school day and would’ve had to notify school safety, the New York City Department of Education and NYPD if a number of students left the building to protest.

“When finding out this information,” said Ms. Giberga, Assistant Principal of Security. “I talked to the principal about whether or not it was actually going to happen and we discussed what we would do it if did.”

“If any students actually left the building, the school would’ve provided safe passage to the trains. But it turned out that nobody walked out that day,” Giberga said.

Although Murrow students didn’t end up participating, hundreds of high school students in NYC and all over the country walked out of various schools to protest the new president.

Junior Ana Bierne-Meyer, who was also one of the Activist Club members called down by the deans said, “I think it was organized, just not by us. But people were obviously trying to get the word out.”

Beirne-Meyer said that the main goal for the club is to provide a safe space for people to speak up about issues they care about, not to defy administrative rules.

“It’s not like we aren’t open to different views, but I think it’s important to have a safe space for people to speak up for themselves and others,” said Beirne-Meyer.



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