Odd Couple: Papp Production

By: Nora Carrier

Murrowites in the crew, costuming, and the cast of The Odd Couple: Female Version came together the last week of March to put on five performances of their show.

The female version of Neil Simon’s classic comedy The Odd Couple was performed in The Joseph Papp Theater from March 29th — April 1st. The show was also director Mr. Scott Austin’s first Murrow show.

Mr. Austin has directed many other productions in the past, but never at the school. He said he was impressed with the collaborative spirit of the production process and the extra hours students in costuming, the cast, and crew were willing to put in.

“I think [Murrow] students have a little more drive for productions because of the amount of students interested in theatre,” said Mr. Austin. “People are happy to be involved, to help in any way possible.”

Assistant Director Regina Fontanelli said she learned a lot from Mr. Austin and the production experience overall.

“You grow as an actor, as a director, and as a person when you do shows,” said the junior.

The Odd Couple: Female Version is also a change of pace, in that it’s a comedy, which Murrow hasn’t produced in the Papp for a number of years. Senior Alice Dettmer, who plays Renee, definitely enjoys.

“It’s so refreshing to have a Papp comedy,” said Dettmer. “This is one of the funniest productions we’ve done at Murrow.”

The show also has a mostly female cast, which the actress Esther Sutton, who plays Mickey, is very excited to be a part of.

“I literally saw my name [on the cast list] and screamed, I was so excited,” said Sutton. “It’s been a really great experience… .The cast is like family now.”

Walker Ames, who plays Jesus in the show, said he knows how hard everyone has worked on the show and how funny it is.

“We have an amazing cast that is really close and works really well together,” the junior said. “We want to showcase the work we have done.”


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