Murrowites Travel to Ithaca

The school’s various musical ensembles visited Ithaca College to perform and attend a plethora of workshops at the school.

By: Jacqueline Santos

The school’s many music ensembles recently traveled to Ithaca, NY to partake in workshops and clinics with Ithaca College’s music professors.

From March 30 – April 1, the Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Chamber Orchestra, Guitar Ensemble, Senior Chorus, Gospel Chorus, and Madrigal Choir got to experience and witness what the college offers for musicians.

“The music program is really good,” said violinist Angelo Cherry about the college. “It seems like a really high-level school, and it’s not too far.”

Students left early on this Thursday morning to travel the estimated four-hour bus ride to Ithaca. When they arrived at the college, instrumentalists and vocalists were then split up to attend their own activities.

First on the itinerary, instrumentalists sat in on Ithaca’s Wind Ensemble’s rehearsal before their concert the next day while vocalists went to a student-vocal recital.

Students were also given campus tours, info on the school of music, regarding admission and all music majors offered, and attended a Q&A with Ithaca music students.

Murrowites had really no down time on the Thursday and Friday since they were constantly going from one workshop to another, listening in to ensemble rehearsals, or attending concerts on campus. The vocalists even went to see Into the Woods at Cornell University.

Students like, junior Naomi Mitchell, said she thoroughly enjoyed the exposure to new and exciting music.

“It was a completely new experience for me,” the flautist said in regard to the African Drumming and Dance workshop. “I loved seeing how intricately the beats were intertwined with the dances.”

Cherry said that one valuable thing he took away from the trip is the importance of constructive criticism.

“It’s really important to get feedback from musicians and your peers,” said Cherry. “Like they did at Ithaca, we got to hear them play for each other and hear feedback.”


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