Yearbook Staff Receives New Equipment


By: Leo Kong

The school’s yearbook, Perspectives 2017, received new professional-grade photography equipment and upgraded its photo studio, thanks to a donation given to them in March.
According to adviser, Mr. John Faciano, the cost of the professional-grade equipment was worth more than $2,500.

Some of the photography equipment which was donated for the studio were a Chroma Key Lusto-light Green Screen, Novatron M300 Monolights and reflecting umbrellas.

Mr. Faciano also emphasized the importance of several new wireless transceivers which synchronize the cameras to the flash to provide accurate lighting on the subject. He said the new equipment will help significantly when it comes to producing higher quality and more professional photography, thus also creating a better yearbook.

The new studio was set up by Darek Stosik, a photographer who works for Yearbook Innovations Photography, a “one-stop shop school memory product company.”

Mykuh Apilan, co-Editor-in-Chief, said that the equipment is such an important upgrade.

“This is the first year when yearbook has stepped up their photo equipment game,” said Apilan. “Initially we just had a piece of white paper used as a background and a few cameras, now we have a green screen and professional lighting. It may not seem like a lot but it made such a difference in the quality of the photos that we’ve taken for the yearbook.”

About the yearbook in general, Creative Director Rebecca Simeon said that with equipment issues out of the way, the biggest issue is a lack of communication among the staff.

“It’s never perfect and never runs smoothly, but there are always different ideas, each member putting their own hard work to make it as best as possible,” said Simeon.


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