The Mindfulness Program

By: Leo Kong


When it comes to a student’s well-being, Mr. Joseph Williams wants to take a Zen approach to their health.

Mr. Williams, the AP of Guidance, advocates for the Mindfulness Program and the program’s benefits.

Mr. Williams, along with three of his mandated guidance counselors, Ms. Kellie Carnevale, Ms. Sandy Toromoreno, and Ms. Ettore Stella, seek to aid students through a Mindfulness Program at the school.

Despite being an optional program, Mr. Williams said he firmly believes that guidance counselors, teachers, as well as students should join the program.

“The Mindfulness Program is great and I hope our community takes advantage of it,” Mr. Williams said. “The program teaches guidance counselors and students to deal with stress through meditation and mindfulness practices.”

Mr. Williams said he discovered the program four years ago when he started to study mindfulness as part of his private practice. He became certified in the program last year and offered the course at Brooklyn Tech for a year.

Counselors go through intense training for more than four months in the building. After training they then teach the Mindfulness fundamentals and the Mindfulness curriculum.

Mr. Williams said the benefit of joining this program is that counselors and students establish better relationships with thinking and learn to meditate themselves. Counselors can also expect stress reduction and meeting new students outside of the caseload.

Ms. Carnevale, one of Mr. Williams’s mandated Guidance counselors, who works with Individualized Education Planned students said the program is great.

“It helps students deal with stress, pressure, and high school,” Ms. Carnevale said. “I also think it’s necessary for adults as well. I think they’ll like it. Though, people must be open to it for it to work. It’s about reflecting upon yourself.”

Mr. Williams said he hopes this helps with student behavior.

“Hopefully we can bring about positive change, introspection which means you look within yourself, and help deal with difficult issues such as behavior, academic performance, family issues, and peer relationships,” stated Mr. Williams.



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