Treat All Data Equally

By: Carlos Lopez

There’s something that lets us use Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, and much more on that we take for granted. This something, goes over our heads and we have not the slightly clue that it’s there to serve our purposes of browsing the internet. This very thing is known as net neutrality.

Net neutrality is the equality and freedom of using the internet. Meaning, Internet service providers (the people you pay for access to the internet) should allow its consumers all legal content and application on an equal basis, without favoritism or discrimination.

Under net neutrality, Internet service providers (ISPs) cannot block or degrade internet content, traffic, and service. Nor could they favor some internet traffic over others creating “fast lanes” for their favorites and slowing down traffic for those who are not.

Okay, but what does that mean. Let say you get Comcast provides your internet and you’re looking to switch to AT&T. Comcast can’t stop or slow down your internet for browsing AT&T’s website.

This is so because the Federal Communication Commission (F.C.C) regulates this sort of thing. The government treats the internet, and should continue to, as a utility just like water or electricity.

But since the F.C.C is government controlled and the government is under Trump’s reign, companies like AT&T, who seek to terminate net neutrality, could get there way.

Trump has appointed Ajit Pai to become chairman of the F.C.C replacing Tom Wheeler. This means bad news for people who like the internet’s freedom. He is an opposer of Wheeler’s net neutrality rules and claims that the policies will lead to utility-style regulation, new taxes, and less consumer choice.

This is bad news because Pai is likely to review and revise those policies. Maybe, he could enforce the removal of those policies prohibiting net neutrality.

This can’t happen because the internet should be free. Net neutrality is the only way to stop big corporations from charging us extra fees to use the world wide web.

Don’t fall for their lies just because they offer a “fast lane.” That “fast lane” is what we all have access to now. The only reason it’s fast is because paying extra means you could switch from the slower internet traffic that they infringe upon making it slower.

Keeping net neutrality is not just a political cry. The internet offers everything from education to funny memes. If you want it to stay that way without interference or paying more, support it. Help fight against the money-fueled corporations that seek to destroy it and defend net neutrality.


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