First Musical of the Year is a Success

By: Amanda Salazar

After months of rehearsal, everyone involved in the show agreed that Into the Woods was a great success.

vertical-into-the-woods-photo-cropped   The musical, which stars students Henry Mont, Juliet Schlefer, Marlon Gordon, and Kevin Guillaume, is about the intertwining of several popular fairy tales into one. It includes Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Little Red Riding Hood.

The students involved in the show, which was directed by Mr. Donnie Tuel, said they were proud of the outcome.

“I believe that the show went very well,” said trombonist Salvatore Trani. “And was a great success. The cast, crew, and Pyt worked very hard to make this show work, and all our hard work paid off in the end.”

One choreographer, Sima Shadykov, said she believed that the success of the show was because of the hard work put in during rehearsals.

“I don’t think that it was that hard [to prepare], but it’s because everyone put a lot of work into it,” said the junior. “Every day in rehearsal everyone was on what they were supposed to do. They were all prepared to go to rehearsal and to put their hundred percent in.”

And according to the performers, the hard work really did pay off in the end.

“My favorite part was the bowing,” said Pyt member Dana Babayev, who plays the piano. “I felt pride of paying music for such a hard and long show.”

One of the leads, Bailey Wilkinson, who played the part of Cinderella’s prince and a wolf, said that being a part of a show like this is a rewarding experience.

“The thing that I like most about working on any show is enjoying new experiences,” he said. “If a person becomes too focused in their work, they rob themselves of the present instant that they are living in.”

But all in all, most students involved agreed that the best part of the show is seeing how it all came together in the end.

“My favorite part of the show was seeing how the music the Pyt was playing and the acting the cast was doing came together as we worked together,” Trani said. “Hearing it always excites me because it really reminds me how many talented people we have performing in these shows.”






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