A Letter to the Country

By Britney Duval


Dear America,

From childhood we are told – no. We are taught “You are great.” We are scorned and punished by our educators if we do not stand and pledge allegiance; we are forced to say “one nation…with liberty and justice” despite what we believe.

Originally I wanted to write this anonymously so when reading you could not judge me by gender, race or religious views. So you could read this and say, “Yes, this is an American and nothing but an American.” Not someone who is pro-Hillary Clinton or pro-Donald Trump —  but pro-America.

Whether you’re happy with Trump as the new president or not now is the time when we must stand up and say we are proud to be an American. Because when he leaves, don’t worry, our country will still be here.

Trump and his supporters may say that we must “make America great again,” but maybe America was never great to begin with? And maybe that’s okay.

But unlike most other countries, maybe we have the fundamental basics down, because we are  lucky to be free, to speak our minds and vote our hearts.

So if this is a fundamental right, how can we, in mere seconds, threaten to give it up and run?  Run to get away from the next four years when in reality it’s our duty to stay.

I assure you that the people who cry for our country do not cry about our new president but what’s going to happen over the next four – and possibly eight years. From what I hear is that after this election our citizens no longer believe in what America stands for.

I don’t believe America is a joke so please stop turning America into a pointless meme.

Who is an American? The poor people on the train, the diverse students of Murrow,  and, yes, even the people that preach hate?

Being a citizen and being American is not the same. You don’t have to be born in this country or be a legalized citizen to be an American, because to truly be American you must want to protect American rights and want the best for the country. You must want to unite not divide.

We must all be proud and stand tall.  Prove to the world that we, as a nation, have that power to come together as one.


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