Back When I Was in High School: Magin Edition

By: Mecca Davis

How was high school for you emotionally?

“High School for me emotionally was pretty, for the most part I was very happy, and the school itself was the alternative community school in New York. The concept of the high school was that it was a smaller setting. So the classes were about 18 to 20 students. The curriculum was sort of more alternative. Rather than looking through U.S history through some of the traditional textbooks lens. They looked through Howard Zinn’s book United States history, it tells a little bit of a different story. We had a lot of project based learning, we could earn credit through doing community service and how things outside of school were encouraged. I felt like I was very social and able to do a lot with that. And because it was a small settings it came very family like. The students all got along kinda well.”

How were you lunch experiences?

“My lunch experiences were great, they would let us go outside. We didn’t have to scan in or scan out, just go in and come back to our class. In the warmer months a lot of us would go out and play ultimate Frisbee or do our homework out on the lawn. In winter time we could walk down to the grocery stores and get snacks and come back. At that time smoking was not allowed on campus but there wasn’t as much of a discouragement of younger people smoking, strangely. So a lot of people would go out and smoke cigarettes at the corner. And hangout. I would go there, I wasn’t a smoker but I knew kids who was smoking.”

So in high school did you have any girlfriends?

“I did have girlfriends, yup one of them broke my heart. But you know we’re friends now, strangely. It’s funny her sexuality actually changed she now has a wife so it’s kinda interesting thinking back to how our high school experience together as boyfriend and girlfriend. But also, one of my other girlfriends in high school. We’re all still really tight. I never had one of those breakups where it was like ‘ooh I hate you I’m never going to talk to you’. It’s never been like that, I think I was kinda like I was sad for a moment but ultimately it was better in the long run I think. “

How was your art class?

“Well the art class was interesting she. . . Looking back I wish she would’ve been a little bit more formal and pushed me to be more like focused on certain things like figure drawing or focused on how to use oil paints. Like they do here at Murrow, the art institute they really do a lot. They have a very structured kind of approach. I wish that she would have been a little more structured. She kinda let me do whatever I wanted to do and I mean I created a lot outside of class. Drawing sketchbooks, did a lot of figurative work. I painted morals, I mean I did a lot of realistic work anyway because the school I went to in middle school was a very formal arts education. And right between middle school and high school I went to a summer program and Fredonia college and they were a very formal art instruction. So I kinda had a lot of early education in formal arts instruction, photo realism and very line graphic design. So through high school I kinda like still had that I was on yearbook and did illustration. I did a lot of artwork.”

What was your favorite class in high school?

“I think my favorite class was . . . well I liked my math class. I just love math for some reason and they let me just. . . I didn’t have to show up to class because it was an alternative school. I could just go out and hang out and read the math books and then come in just for the test and take the test. And I got like 100s on all the regents. Well I got a 100 on the algebra, what’s it called Math A. And on geometry I got a 98 and on trigonometry I got like a 96. So I was always good at math and I didn’t have to go to class to learn it. They just let me learn it on my own, so that was awesome. In retrospect I should have been in class, but they didn’t force me and that was okay. ”

How was prom, if you went to prom?

“My prom was hilarious. So I actually had intended to go to prom but I got sidetracked on the way. So some friends of mine, one of my friends who actually was my girlfriend at the time. She was interning at a photography studio, so she’s like ‘we’re all gonna go to a photography studio and set it up. And we’re all gonna take pictures’ of us all dressed up and stuff. So then we kinda just hung out there, you know party and hung out and then they were like ‘oh my gosh, we got like 10 minutes left of prom’ I think we literally end up at prom like five minutes before it ended. And then we just went to the after party instead. We didn’t really do the formal prom dancing”


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