Walmart Donates Supplies

By: Javian Rhule

For some Murrow students they are certainly saving money and living better.
This is due to the fact that some students were given school supplies donated by a New Jersey Walmart at the start of the school year.
The Woodbridge, NJ Walmart reached out to the Murrow community and other New York City schools because they wanted to donate school supplies such as books, pens, pencils
`and other school incidentals.
“They reached out to me in the summer, asking if they could donate school supplies to the school,” said by Ms. Christine Ingordo, the assistant principal of administration and organization.
Ms. Ingordo said the school used most of the supplies for incoming freshmen because she felt like this was a good way to welcome the students to school.
“We decided to put some of the supplies in a zip-lock bag and give it out to freshmen to start them off,” said Ms. Ingordo.
Ms. Ingordo said there are still some zip-lock bags leftover so students who need them will be given the supplies.
Walmart manager Mark M. Orbury and his two assistants Leticia Cruz and Elena Gonzalez were the ones who reached out to Ms. Ingordo over the summer.
“When they called we rented a moving van to go to Woodbridge, NJ to pick up supplies,” said Ms. Ingordo.
Freshmen picked up the care package while at orientation during the summer. They were each given a packet of two spiral notebooks, two folders and two pens and pencils.
“When we took pictures they gave us a zip-lock bag filled with different school supplies,” said freshman Somer Daniel, who said she was excited to receive all of these things and is thankful for it.
Freshman Chloe Jabity said she was very happy the school could do this.
“You never know who may not be able to afford it,” she said.
When asked Ms. Ingordo how she felt about Walmart donating supplies she said:
“It’s helping in a lot of way by giving students who may not be able to afford them a chance to obtain supplies,” she said.


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