Trump’s Affect on Environmental Club

By: Jane Kuntzman and Lily Schuhbeck

Murrow’s environmental club plans to change its mission from advocacy to education in the wake of the election of climate change denier Donald J. Trump.

The surprise election of an anti-environmentalist ― and his immediate appointment of a pro-business United States Environmental Protection Agency chief ― means that the club will focus on educating students on science that the president is likely to deny.

Personally, what made me begin this club was Donald Trump being elected,” said environmental club president Moira Griffin, 15. “It really impacted me that there is not going to be much done government-wise and that’s why it’s really important that students in the younger generation know it’s [climate change] a really big problem and we need to step in and take charge of it.”

Trump announced that Scott Pruitt, an Oklahoma Republican with a long track record of favoring business over the environment and a well-known climate change denier, has been nominated to be the next head of the E.P.A.

The president and vice-president of the Environmental Club, Griffin, and Taylor McGloin, 15, said that they believe that Pruitt is unfit and lacks the experience to be the chief of the E.P.A.

In addition, Trump denies climate change and believes that it’s a hoax, which infuriates the members of the club.

“I think that Trump is going to put the progress in reverse,” said Griffin. “He will be able to take the progress that we’ve done over eight years with Barack Obama and go back twenty years and increase pollution and climate change.”

McGloin pointed out that one of the statements Trump made about the environment was in a Tweet he posted in 2012, which stated that the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.

This statement, which infuriated McGloin, inspired her speak out all over the school on the topic.

“I think that it’s ridiculous and that when people were electing Donald Trump to be president it definitely should’ve been something more deeply discussed from the second he said he thought climate change was a hoax perpetuated by China,” said McGloin. “It should’ve been something people should’ve talked about more.”


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