Murrowites Excited for the Upcoming Break


img001Illustration: Amanda Salazar

By: Britney Duval

With holiday break right around the corner, Murrowites have been getting into the holiday spirit.

This year’s holiday break will begin on Saturday, December 24th and students will return in the New Year on Tuesday, January 3rd.

While all students will have off from school, they are looking forward to the break for different reasons.

Sophomore Maryam Bibi said she is stoked to spend time with her family.

“My cousins and I are all going to be together,” Bibi said. “We’re going to go to Manhattan to celebrate.”

Though some are excited to spend time with family, Zaria Bayley is just ready to get out of school.

“Yeah I’m excited about break,” said Bayley. “Heck yeah, I’m excited to get away from Murrow.”

Bernice Eugene said she is just excited to get some extra sleep.

“The best part [about break] is being able to wake up later,” she said.

Unfortunately not everyone will be sleeping in. Even though Bayley is excited to be out of school for the holiday, she still has to work.

“I’m not doing anything special,” she said. “I have to work this holiday. It’s so tiring.”

Some students, such as Nakia Jack, are just not in the holiday spirit yet but will be helping others get into the spirit.

“I’m not really into the spirt yet —  but I will be!” said Jack. “Over break I have a dance recital coming up.”

For sophomore Francesca Milord, break is all about the presents.

“I’m not really going to do anything special,” said Milord. “But the best thing about the holiday is the presents.”




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