Into the Woods: Twisted Fairytales

By: Haleema Hafeez

Careful what you Wish For

Who knew how much of a dark and twisted meaning our favorite childhood fairy tales held?

Taking the stage in the Joseph Anzalone Theatre this December, Into the Woods definitely conveys this message. The musical will take the audience alongside the baker and his wife through the mystical woods, finding necessities for the evil witch, all while encountering fairy tale characters that cause the story line to go completely downhill.

Senior Cesia Enamorado, who is playing one of Cinderella’s evil step-sisters, said that the show will teach the audience valuable lessons.

“I would say Into the Woods is a good production for all audiences because at the end it teaches an important lesson,” said Enamorado. “The fairy tales here may be twisted but that is how they were originally written.  Especially for kids to see it this way rather than the Disney modified version is better since it has more value and moral.”

The critically-acclaimed production tells the original stories written by the Brothers Grimm which are often violent as well as tragic. Director and Theater teacher, Mr.  Donnie Tuel said he picked this production knowing its impact and value it would have upon the audience.

Into the Woods is a contemporary piece that would really captivate the audience through its dark humor yet real-life situations,” said Mr. Tuel. “It shows realistic outcomes that can pop up in life through our favorite and classic fairy tales that may be unexpected.”

Senior Francesca Manligoy, who plays the baker’s wife and is one of the leads in the musical, said Into the Woods offers enough material for anyone in the audience to enjoy themselves and a get a kick out of it.

“It is definitely a family-friendly show,” Manligoy said. “Parents can bring their kids and both age groups can get a laugh out of it.  Of course there will be some jokes that parents will understand better but overall I am sure everyone would enjoy it.”

Mr. Tuel wants the audiences to understand the concept of community and how relevant the message of the show is here at Murrow.

Into the Woods is all about community and responsibility,” he said. “It is a show that represents the community here at Murrow and how every department, teachers, and different students put productions on. That’s what the characters in the show are doing; coming together to work with one another for a positive outcome.”


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