Murrow (UN)ites: Chorus performs at the United Nations

By Michela Arlia

Music students were given the chance of a lifetime last month to sing in one of the most diverse vicinities in the world.

The school’s senior chorus and string orchestra under the direction of Mr. Jaymes Welsh and Mr. Zelman Bokser performed on October 26 for many dignitaries at the United Nations in New York City.

The students sang “Et In Terra Pax” by Vivaldi Gloria and “Seasons of Love” from RENT and were accompanied by the string section. They were there as part of a conference on sustainability and peace initiatives.

“I like seeing students work very hard for something and then be able to hear the feedback that they get from the politicians and the diplomats,” said senior chorus director Mr. Welsh. “I like seeing that their hard work was worth it.”

Student Victoria Yuzenchuck said it was a thrill to perform at the United Nations.

“It was such a great opportunity to perform for so many dignitaries,” said the sophomore who is an alto in the senior chorus.

The rehearsal process for the event took a month of coordinating vocal parts and collaborating with the string orchestra.

“It was a new experience and I wasn’t even nervous,” said Yuzenchuck. “I felt well prepared.”

Tenor Ronny Ditcheck said he was also thrilled to be there.

“I was not nervous at all,” he said. “I was surrounded by my fellow tenors which gave me confidence.”

The conference addressed many issues that the world faces today, and focused on how the world can come together to fix them.

While the students prepped for their performance many politicians and dignitaries spoke on behalf of these issues.  Mr. Welsh said that the students benefited by seeing all of this in action.

“It’s very exciting,” said Mr. Welsh. “There is a lot of waiting around. Politicians like to talk.”

While UN experience is over, students can hear them sing the same pieces that were performed at the UN at the January winter concert.


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