Revival of Moot Court

By: Kennedy Tavares

Ms. Christine Thompson said that she was really nervous about being the new Moot Court adviser.

That’s because she had some big shoes to follow.

Ms. Thompson, who is a special education teacher, is replacing former Moot Court adviser Ms. Maya Korobova, a social studies teacher who transferred to James Madison High School at the beginning of the school year.

“When Mr. [Ryan]  Mills [Social Studies AP] asked me to take over Moot Court, I was a little afraid because I know Ms. K very well, and I know that she works really hard; she cared a lot about the club and she knew exactly how to help,” Ms. Thompson said. “But I’m really happy I’m doing it.”

The club even started late because, at first, it was tough finding an adviser and unlike previous years, Moot Court is without a law firm, which would help mentor the students for the competitions.

Even though the team finished 27th out 44 teams at the MENTOR Moot Court competition to New York City High School’s last week,  the team said it was prepared going into the competition.

Ms. Thompson had a few words to say about Murrow’s lack of time. “I think that based on our practice as well as the absence of a lawyer all year, I was definitely nervous about the team’s performance. We hadn’t had a ton of time to practice” she said. “Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with each speaker and team member’s presentation at the competition. Even though we didn’t qualify for the next round, I am confident that we will do better next year!

The next Moot Court competition for will be the wildcard round, the date is still to be determined.

Sophomore Mary Haley said despite the initial problems she was very proud to be on Moot Court..

“There is a lot of pressure knowing we didn’t have a law firm to guide us through the legal documents and help us prepare for the preliminary rounds,” she said. “But we have such an amazing group of people with us this year that are more than willing to do anything in their power to help us all succeed.”

All in all Ms. Thompson said she took over Moot Court simply to do something good for the students.

“I know that Ms. K cared about you guys a lot,” Ms. Thompson said. “I didn’t want you guys to be without someone or something you guys really wanted to do.”


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