Murrow Bowl Moved to the Spring and Also Inside

A picture from Murrow Bowl 2014. This year's Bowl was moved to the Spring and will be moved inside because of Midwood Field renovations.
A picture from Murrow Bowl 2014. This year’s Bowl was moved to the Spring and will be moved indoors because of Midwood Field renovations.

By: Carlos Lopez

Call it double whammy for seniors.

The Murrow Bowl, the event that seniors look forward to at the beginning of the year, will not only be held indoors this year because of construction on Midwood Field but it will also be held in April when PSAT are administered.

According to Principal Mr. Allen Barge, the school will not have access to the field for about 18 months to 2 years.

“I would imagine that it would be quite some time before we could use the field,” he said. “No one has access. The bleachers and locker rooms are condemned by the city which means no one should be anywhere near them. “

This is not the first time Murrow Bowl is going to be held indoors. In years past, there have been certain instances where the school wasn’t able to use the field and had to resort to the gymnasiums.

“I remember one time we held it indoors because of terrible weather,” said Mr. Barge.  “There were some disappointed seniors, understandably so, but once we got to the full swing of things everyone seemed to be very happy and excited.”

This will also affect the class yearbook picture, which is a picture the senior class takes all together. Due to the change of events, the photo will not be included in this year’s yearbook.

The location where the picture is going to be shot is unknown. Mr. John Faciano, yearbook adviser, is hopeful that the picture will still be taken on the field.

“We’re throwing around a lot of ideas,” said Mr. Faciano.  “The problem for the most part is lighting. Outdoor lighting is obviously the best. Indoor lighting we try to avoid with group shots.”

“I don’t know if we’ll get the picture into the yearbook. If we take the picture, I could send it to the studio and print 750 copies,” said Mr. Faciano. “Then we could hand it out at the yearbook sign in and kids could put in in their yearbook. It will be a separate piece.”

Despite having complications due to the construction on the field, the yearbook staff has proposed an alternative to make up for the hitch.

“We brought an iPad mini,” said Mr. Faciano. “To do senior hall selfies and candid shots. We will have them around the school and set up in different locations.”

Senior Nyomie Black said she would’ve liked to have seen it done outside.

“It’s called field day for a reason and that makes it more ironic,” said Black. “Everything changed this year… . I hope they fix the field quickly.”

Another senior Joe Erdos said he was highly upset with the way things turned out as well.

“It’s horrible,” said Erdos. “That’s extremely horrible due to the fact we’re not going to have the same experience as the class before us.”

Nevertheless, Mr .Barge still has high hopes for field day and how it is a wonderful moment.

“It’s the fact that seniors have this opportunity to take part in a field,” said Mr.Barge. “I think what’s most important is not so much the location. Our efforts are going to be memorable.”

Mr. Faciano said students will be missing something by not having it out on the field.

“Field day is great. It’s the last time high school students really get to play,” he said. “To play is such an important part of life. It’s good. It’s healthy to laugh deeply. There is not enough play in high school.”


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