Getting Ready For Election Day: Murrow Network Poll Says Students Aren’t Happy With Either Candidate

Illustrated by: Mecca Davis


Illustrated by: Maya Philip











By: Jiselle Abraham

The election is less than a week away and according to a recent Murrow Network poll, Murrowites are not pleased with either candidate.

According to the poll, 76 percent of Murrow students said they were not happy with either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. In fact, the poll showed that 67 percent of students polled said they trusted neither candidate – just one percent trusted Trump.

“I feel as if we have to choose between two evils,” said junior Christelle Chery. “But voting for Hillary, the lesser evil, could benefit us much better in the long run.”

Patrice Sealy, 16, said she believed that both candidates are very scandalous and can’t really be trusted. If she had the opportunity to vote, she wouldn’t vote at all.

“I feel like the election is just a big joke and it isn’t serious, it’s just a shade throw down,” Sealy said. “They’re just throwing shade and not really stating facts on what they are going to do for the country.”

However, that doesn’t mean that Murrow students are not interested in the election. According to the poll, while most are not of voting age, 85 percent saw one of the debates.

Sophomore Zainab Shahzad said that after watching the debates, she felt that Trump danced around important issues and doesn’t really state what he’ll do for America. She came away more impressed with Clinton.

“I think Hillary is fit for the job,” Shahzad said. “She has more reasonable questioning than Donald does.”

Sophomore Joshua Portnoy said he saw the debates and was impressed with Trump in the last two debates.

“I liked the things he was saying,” the student said. “He improved from the first debate when he was interrupting Hillary all the time. He improved on that and calmed down a bit. The points he was saying were pretty smart and made Hillary play defensive rather than offensive.”

However, the poll said that most students given the opportunity would vote for Clinton – 58 percent to Trump’s 4 percent. But certainly there is a protest vote because the same survey showed that 38 percent of Murrow students would prefer third-party candidates – Libertarian Gary Johnson or Green Party candidate Jill Stein.


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