Student Government Disappointed with Both Presidential Candidates

By: Samantha Louis

For members of the school’s student government, following the presidential election has proven to be very frustrating.

The members said that this is not how candidates should behave.

“The two candidates make me very angry every time I look at anything about them,” said Oleksandra Zovdun, president of Student Alliance.

Kaliah Owens, the 16-year-old Junior Senator, agrees. Owens said that even though she supports Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, she is still not pleased with the candidate.

“Honestly,” Owens said. “I am very disappointed with the candidates in this year’s election.”

Owens is not alone. According to a late October Murrow Network poll, 76 percent of the Murrow students are disappointed in the two candidates. While the poll shows that Clinton holds a sizable lead in whom Murrow students would vote for, 67 percent of Murrow students distrust both Clinton and Trump to run the country.

That’s because it has been an unusually crazy election cycle. From Trump’s sex scandals and inflammatory comments on immigrants to Clinton’s classified e-mail leaks, this has left many in student government wondering what it really takes to be a leader.

“Being in Student Alliance influences my decision because I’m learning what it takes to lead and how to set a better example for others,” said Owens. “Qualities that I would like to see in my future president.”

After seeing what’s been going and watching two of the three debates, Owens said she doesn’t think she’ll have a career in politics.

In fact, Senior Council member Genesis Pena said she’s really stressed out about next week’s election.

“I’m scared,” said the senior. “I would vote for Clinton since she’s all about women’s rights — and I’m Spanish and Trump is racist.”

Public Relations officer, Dominique Alleyne has called this presidential election “garbage.”

“Well Clinton seems to be about women’s rights so maybe as a female in a workplace there will be more benefits for me,” the senior said. “She’s trying to do stuff for the minority so hopefully she does something for black girls.”


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