Murrowites Don’t Have Time for Clowns


Illustration: Jack Harewood
Illustration: Jack Harewood

By: Lauren Pascocello

Murrowite Taras Vorobets doesn’t have time for any clowning around.

The junior said he is not pleased with the recent clown outbreak that has spread across the country and captivated the imaginations of Murrowites as well as others around the nation.

“I find it ridiculous,” said Vorobets. “Something fun has been turned into something scary.”

As Halloween approaches there have been numerous sightings of so-called creepy clowns around the nation. People are dressing up in clown costumes and scaring unsuspecting victims.  Many of these masked people are only playing pranks, but there have been serious incidents where weapons were involved.

What started out as a prank has led to arrests, fights and even several deaths. Some of the first sightings began back in June. Since then there have been many clown-related threats, robberies and encounters involving children in multiple states.

“I’m kinda scared because I wake up extremely early for zero band and I don’t feel like being chased by a clown on my way to school,” said 16-year -old Dylan Lall. “I feel a little frustrated as well because with this election America’s already falling, the last thing we need is a clown problem. What country has a clown problem?”

Junior Mariam Jahangir said she is concerned about  how this situation will affect the upcoming holiday.

“Halloween should be horrifying in an amusing way that’s safe and enjoyable,” said Jahangir. “Having clowns carrying weapons and threats of harming others totally ruins the concept of that.”

Lall said he thinks that this situation needs to be taken more seriously before it results in a bad Halloween.

“I feel our police system should be more ‘on edge’ because there have been reports about people getting hurt and even dying because of these clowns,” said the junior. “Especially with Halloween coming up, the last thing we need is for a little kid who was only trick-or-treating to get hurt.”

Some students believe early action should be taken to prevent any incidents on Halloween.

“I believe that any Halloween store should ban any form of clown costume,” said junior Nikol Novitski.

Other students believe there is not much that can be done about the situation.

“I feel there isn’t much to do since people can express themselves freely,” said student Sara Lulanaj. “But I do believe if someone is physically touched they should call 911.”

For Lall, he said he hopes that he won’t be running into clowns any time soon.

“If I saw a clown I would honestly try to ignore it and walk down the other side of the block,” said Lall. “But if it got in my face or tried to start a problem, I would have no problem fighting a clown. Unless they had a weapon. If they had a weapon I would run like no tomorrow.”