One B4DA$$ Gift

By: Asa Miller

Levi’s Music X Technology program is about to get a b4da$$ upgrade.

With the Music Technology class in session after school on Thursdays and Fridays, Murrow alum and current rap star Joey B4da$$ has offered his assistance to the program.

B4da$$, whose real name is Jo-Vaughn Scott, a former Murrow student turned famous rapper, donated $10,000 worth of equipment to the school in 2014.

Since the donation, the equipment was not been fully used, and the hope is to combine the Levi’s Music X Technology program with the equipment Scott purchased for the school.

On March 30th, Scott visited his old stomping grounds to talk to a select group of students to inspire them and explain how to use the Levi’s Music X Technology studio to create amazing music.

“Everyone here should follow their dreams,” said Scott. “And no one should be scared to pursue their dreams. If this studio was here when I was in school there would’ve been multiple plaques on the wall already.”

Scott held a question-and-answer session with approximately 30 students. He gave advice to those who are interested in music; he answered questions about his past, and even answered questions about his current “rap beef” with Troy Ave, a fellow Brooklyn rapper who spoke poorly of Scott and a friend, who passed away.

Scott did spend a lot of time speaking about the process of making music.

“Some songs I make just walking down the street then it comes to my head then I encounter a beat later on and discover that it matches with my melody,”  he said. “It depends on what kind of message I’m trying to send forth.”


He also gave advice to those interested in the music industry.

“Know how to differentiate from who’s there really for you and who’s there to take advantage of you, which is a problem I’ve always encountered,” he said.

Scott also took time to take pictures, videos, and signed autographs for all students in the studio, as well as persistently asking nervous students if they have any questions to ask him.

Scott’s visit certainly shows that he cares more about Murrowites.

“There are so many possibilities, and this is just the beginning for many of you in this room,” he said. “Being said that, class dismissed.”


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