Murrow Magic Table Tennis team undefeated.

By: Britney Duval and Alaysia Jourdain

The Murrow Magic Table Tennis team defeated Science Skills High School last Thursday afternoon in a league competition.

The Magic destroyed Science Skills High, taking all five games on January 7 and remain undefeated.

“The team is lead with such a good coach and such a great atmosphere,” said senior Mariam Togonidze. “It just makes playing more fun and I feel that it adds to most of our victories.”

What makes this year even more special is that this is the first year that the school has table tennis as a PSAL sport. It has always been relegated to club status but since it is officially a PSAL sport the team has a great chance of making the playoffs in their first year.

The team consists of three singles and two doubles players.

“I started playing the first month of sophomore year and I was actually really bad,” said Annette Bresler

Flora Lennihan, a sophomore, said she joined the team in November and is happy to see  the team become successful.

Image 2

“I’ve been playing four to five years,” said Lennihan, “but I haven’t been on any teams before this.”

Bresler, who hasn’t lost a match all year, said she’s come a long way since she first started. She’s now a junior and said the people that used to beat her don’t even dare play her anymore.

“I love the feeling when I smash the ball; it’s so exhilarating,” said Bresler. “It’s like everything just comes out when you hit the other side of the table, it’s amazing!”

Togonidze said she sees a bright future for the team and looks forward to finishing the season strong.

“My brother who’s taught me everything and I love him very much,” said Togonidze. “Without him I wouldn’t be here.”


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