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The Gospel Chorus does it again

By : Nikki Dutes – Reporter

        From the chairs in the choir room, to the tribute of 9/11, Murrow’s gospel chorus was able to spread the love.
        For the past 6 years, Ms. Cheryl Johnson and her chorus have participated in the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers 9/11’s 5k run to sing on the sidewalk and encourage the runners along on this emotional day.
     “I started going with the chorus since 2007 and I will never stop going,” said Ms. Johnson. “It is very fun to see runners be encouraged by the songs.”
      The race goes on every year on September 29th to honor Siller, a firefighter who lost his life after he ran equipped with his 45-pound gear all the way through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel on 9/11.
        “I don’t want the gospel chorus to just stay inside,” said Ms. Johnson “I love to go out and sing inspirational songs on many different trips.”
        The idea of this race was first given to Ms. Johnson by former principal Mr. Anthony Lodico, and assistant principal, Ms. Christine Ingordo. They both ran the race the first year, and saw that schools had come out to encourage the runners by cheerleading or singing.
         Every year, the gospel chorus stands three blocks outside the Battery Tunnel and one block up from the former Twin Towers.
       “As the runners ran by and heard songs like ‘Trouble Don’t Last Always’ I saw some smiles appear on tired faces,” said sophomore Alejandro Sola, a chorus member. “I was very happy”.
      The gospel chorus sang a lot of songs, including ‘Trouble Don’t Last Always’, ‘Let it Rise’, and ‘The Storm Will Pass’. The songs were chosen specifically to uplift those runners who were grieving or just running in honor of the tragic day of 9/11.
         “The most inspirational song was ‘Trouble Don’t last always,’ ” said senior Khairo Robinson, a soprano in the choir. “Many runners had stopped and just stood and listened, clapped, or thanked Ms. Johnson personally by giving her a hug.”

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